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Virtual Coffee Q&A – Why we Use Trusts, Owner Financing and Selling a Note to Pay off a Partner (March 2015)

Mickey, a new member of the OFC community had a lot to offer this month. First, we started talking about a duplex he and partner own free and clear together. How do you sell with owner financing and still pay out the 50% partner who wants to walk away with his cash? Several solutions came up.

Gines was talking about some note tapes he has been evaluating on behalf of his real estate team, who wants to diversify their investments into notes. Chuck was asking about business notes, and how business and real estate owners can defer capital gains and have nice income for retirement… and, sell for a price that they like, not a discounted cash price.

I shared a few of my experiences with buying a non-performing note, and how it’s going now that I own the property. I also have a couple non-performing notes I may broker off. I am buying a performing owner carry note from a guy in Florida. He also has a couple privately originated NPNs he is looking to sell, and I’m not sure I want them for my own portfolio. I’m just not set up to handle a large volume of non-performing paper.

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