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Virtual Coffee Q&A – Real Estate Agents Work in Owner Financing and Notes – NPN Horror Story (Aug 2016)

This was our maiden voyage on Uber Conference and I can already tell it’s going to be a much better platform for our monthly mastermind sessions. Of course, we’ll get the tech stuff smoothed, but you’ll notice the quality of the audio is noticeably improved, and the people who access through a computer have a way to type in chat questions, which is cool. Sometimes it can be hard to jump in and say something or ask a question.

That brings me to a couple other things…

App image

I’ve created a Note Queen Capital app for mobile devices that will allow me to invite you to our calls and share other special messages from time to time IF… you allow push notifications. We will send out both email and push notifications prior to each monthly call. It’s just another way for us to stay connected if you’re interested in this awesome conversation we’re having here in the Queendom.

Advantages of the app:

  • apply for ‘hot seats’ on our call so you can be sure to get air time
  • free copy of the entire “Seller Financing on Steroids” book
  • sample video from our Transaction Review & Calculator Practice mastermind (for members only)

Secondly, you can apply for a Hot Seat at one of our upcoming calls so you can be sure to get air time. It can be hard to jump in sometimes and before you know it, the call is over.

If you download the app, there’s a direct link to the Hot Seat Application. A link will also be provided via email if you are on our email list. To get on our email list if you’re not already, please visit NoteQueen.com and enter your email in the Free eBook box.

Ok, so here’s a couple things we covered on the call today:

Chris from California described his experience with his first two note purchases… NPN note purchases with a broker handling the workouts, etc. Well, he’s lucky because he got his principal back, thereby getting his education for free. Very informative story to listen to, recommend it to everyone.

We also had Tom, a Realtor from Phoenix who is really getting some traction with owner financing and notes and wanted to tighten up his understanding of how to calculate a partial note sale. David Ray in the bay area of California, is partnering with homeowners to bring more cash to the closing table for sellers by rehabbing their properties for them so they get top dollar. Then we had a few new people, trying to decide how to break into the note space… all really great content, especially if you’re new.

As always, thank you so much to those who spent the time to be on the call, participate and share their expertise… I appreciate the value that comes from the group experience.

Now go out there and create financial solutions, just one Mom n’ Pop to another 😉

To find out when the next Virtual Coffee Q&A call will be you can reference our Facebook Events.

Click play below (or click the image below) to hear the August 1st 2016 replay:

owner financing club


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