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Virtual Coffee Q&A – How to Get Started Finding and Investing in Notes Without Your Own Money – Dodd Frank – SDIRA (June 2016)

We had the pleasure of having Quincy Long, President of Quest IRA, on the call, and wow, what a lot of great feedback and valuable expertise. We talked about strategies to invest in notes without your own money, and how you can invest small amounts of money for amazing returns inside of your own self-directed retirement accounts. Be sure to tap into the Financial Friends Network… your network will greatly expand your net worth.

David Ray out of the bay area in California was another super valuable contributor. He’s a real estate agent that understands the investment world, both real estate, owner financing and notes. He guided me through an example of how he does his business… love the free coaching! I may well implement his strategy here in my local market. Thanks, again, David ūüėČ

Gregory and Kioka (sorry if I misspelled) both asked great questions about getting started finding notes to broker and/or buy. We talked about Craigslist, working with brokers, direct mail (Jeff Armstrong), and ways to create your own notes by buying property cheap with cash (or a private lender) and and selling to an owner occupant on terms. Stephen’s example was inspiring. He borrows private money (that is rapidly escaping the stock market) at¬†7% – 8% yields… fabulous.

There were questions about finding a registered licensed mortgage originator when you are doing more than 3 owner carry deals per year so you stay compliant with Dodd-Frank. Word on the street is that the larger operators (RMLO services) in this space are pulling back to being licensed to work in only a few states.

An associate of mine that buys with cash and sells with owner carry (he sells me front end partials on a fairly regular basis) solved this problem by getting the local real estate agent he works with to leverage her relationship with her mortgage broker so he will underwrite the deals and make the owner financing package Dodd-Frank compliant (which also makes it a safer note to buy). He is only doing this as a favor because of the relationships.

As always, thank you so much to those who spent the time to be on the call, participate and share their expertise… I appreciate the value that comes from the group experience. Now go out there and¬†create financial solutions, just one Mom n’ Pop to another ūüėČ

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