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NAR Getting the Word Out About Owner Financing

It was a fabulous opportunity to get to speak with Gil Gross, the host of the National Association of Realtors’ radio show, Real Estate Today Radio, about the benefits of owner financing.     For months and years I’ve been trying to get the attention of the retail real estate community, and it seems that […]

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Seller Financing Can Seal the Deal…

BY KATHLEEN DOLER FOR INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY Posted 10/2/2008 “Owner will finance.” Those three words are coming back in today’s real estate market. With financial markets in turmoil and lending very tight, home sellers who own, or have equity and a stable mortgage, are financing deals to lift their property’s attractiveness. “The last time the […]

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Just for Realtors

USING OWNER FINANCING TO GET TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR CLIENTS’ PROPERTY AND… THEIR PAPER Nine times out of 10, even agents who regularly use seller financing to close transactions fail to tell their clients that they can sell their carry back note.  It can be sold for top dollar IF…. it’s put together with a keen […]

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Buy Without Banks!

Many people think that home ownership is out of reach after a short sale, bankruptcy or if they’re self-employed. This simply isn’t so, but the banks want you to believe that you have no other options. The truth is that if you have a down payment and the ability to pay each month, you can […]

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Property Sellers

Learn how to safely and intelligently use owner financing to get the highest possible price for your property and make sure you have a note worth holding or selling.  Investors, rehabbers and flippers… dispel the myths and discover the possibilities of the Simultaneous Note Sale. When you’re carrying paper, you’re investing in notes.  Why don’t […]

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Some Home Sellers are Lenders, Too

With mortgage money harder to get, sellers provide financing By Amy Hoak, MarketWatch Last update: 3:53 p.m. EDT Oct. 12, 2008 CHICAGO (MarketWatch) — It’s much harder to get a mortgage today than it was a couple of years ago. That’s why some home sellers are stepping in and financing deals on their own. The […]

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